Q. What are the business hours of the Police Department?
A. Although the Police Department is technically open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some functions of the Police Department maintain somewhat normal business hours Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. These would be our non-emergency business functions, such as retrieving police reports, picking up found or recovered property and filing applications for firearms permits. It’s always recommended to call ahead to ensure your business can be attended to that day. 

Q. Can I report a crime or event at the Police Station after business hours?
A. Yes. The Police Department will always take your report and speak to you. However, the availability of a Police Officer to speak with you about non-emergency matters, after hours is more limited. So, there may be more of a delay than during regular hours. Also, we cannot retrieve or produce police reports, return found or recovered property, issue handicap placards or firearms permits, or other non-emergency administrative functions outside of business hours.

Q. What are the observed holidays for business hours?
A. The Police Department is always open for emergency related business. Although, the Administrative and Records sections observe the “Town Hall Closing” schedule set by the Township Committee. Please refer to their website www.MiddleTownship.com

Q. Can I report a crime over the phone?
A. Yes. You may report crimes and offenses for a police response over the telephone, but you cannot complete a police report using the telephone. In most cases, when you contact the Middle Township Police Department by telephone you are being connected our 911 Communications Center. These are Communications Operators that are trained to interview callers for pertinent information in emergencies, triage police, fire, and medical situations and dispatch the appropriate responders. But these operators are not law enforcement officers, so they cannot take a report.

Q. I have questions about a court date, payments, or changing my plea for my traffic summons.
A.  All matters that involve traffic citations or summonses (“tickets”) are handled by the Municipal Court identified on the ticket. In most cases, this will be the Middle Township Municipal Court. The Police Department does not have ability to change dates, make revisions, etc., without involvement of the Municipal Court. Please contact the Municipal Court directly at 609-465-8729.

Q.   I have a suggestion for the Police Department that I’d like to share. What can I do with it?
A.   The Chief’s Office would be the primary point of contact. You may contact the Chief’s Office by using the “Administration” link on the “Contact Us” page.

Q.  I have an event that we planning that may need a Police presence. What is the contact for this service?
A.  Contact Captain William Adams by using the “Administration” link on the “Contact Us” page.

Q.  We would like the Police Department to be involved, or to speak at our community event. Who do we contact?
A.  You may contact the Office of the Chief of Police using by using the “Administration” link on the “Contact Us” page.