The Middle Township Police Department possesses and maintains bicycles which can be used to supplement patrol, as well as for special community events throughout the year.  The members trained for this function can be assigned to regular patrol cars and patrol units, but can be equipped with racks to transport bicycle.  When manpower permits, the officers can conduct bicycle patrols in the business districts of the Township, some residential areas, and the Township bike path.  In addition, these officers can be used for various township special events throughout the year.  The bicycles are also used when we experience increased issues, such as burglaries or criminal mischief problems, in certain areas of the Township.  The officers may be assigned to these areas to address the issue.  Class II Special Law Enforcement officers, also may receive bicycle training and be assigned to assist with these functions during the summer months.  The Class II officers assigned to these areas help to increase officer visibility as well as making themselves more approachable to members of the public as well as business owners.