The Police Administration consists of Chief Christopher Leusner, Captain Don Nelson, Captain William Adams, Lieutenants Robert Shepherd, James Loftus and Jennifer DeLanzo. The Chief of Police is responsible for the day to day operations of the Department, to include administering and enforcing rules and regulations and special emergency directives, discipline of the force and it’s personnel, prescribing duties and assignments, delegating authority for efficient operation of the force, issuing policies/directives, meeting with community, civic and religious groups, preparing grants, preparing and managing the Police Department’s Budget and reporting at least monthly to Township Committee.

The Captains serve as the Executive Officers and are responsible for the following areas:  Internal Affairs (Review/Recommend), SOPs/Rules & Regulations (manage/update), JIFF coordinator, Safety officer, Infectious control officer, Manage Alcotest units, Review all DWIs and accident reports, Manage Radar units/tuning forks, L.E.T.N. coordinator, Emergency Management officer, Crash Team Commander, Traffic/DWI grants, Fleet manager, Honor Guard liaison, Radio system administrator, Building/cell inspections, Training administrator, On-call administrator, Employee evaluations, Fire Department Liaison, Maintain Battery Back-up, and the Special Events Committee.

The Patrol Commander, Lieutenant James Loftus, is responsible for the following areas: Vehicle maintenance, Traffic committee, School Liaison Officers, Schedule training, Public Information officer, Prepare Grants, POSS Administrator (schedule/time off/OT, etc..), Patrol equipment (purchase, maintain, issue), Order/Replace Uniforms, On-call administrator, Manage Off-duty details, Manage Towing Ordinance, Manage Statistics, Manage Municipal Court warrants, Manage Class II Program, Coordinate JV programs (DARE/Explorers, etc.), Coordinate 4-H Fair, Harvest Festival & National Night Out, Maintain Mobile Data Terminals, Global Connect Administrator, FTO Coordinator, and the Domestic Violence coordinator.

The Administrative Lieutenants, Robert Shepherd and Jennifer DeLanzo are responsible for the following areas:  Major Crimes and Street Crimes Unit Administrator, Dispatch Administrator, Records Administrator, Review all Investigation and Supplement Reports, Review all DWI and Crash Reports, Dive Team (people/training/equipment), Internal Affairs Investigator, Megan’s Law liaison, Bias crime officer, Oversee evidence unit, DCP&P liaison, Municipal court liaison, ACS/ATS Coordinator, CJIS TAC/Coordinator, county court liaison, Magloclen liaison, Prosecutor’s Office liaison, False Alarm Program Administrator, Maintain Voice Recorder, Animal Control, Maintain Facebook page, Hotel Association Liaison, Internship Coordinator, MVS 2000 reports, Maintain Generator, Prepare Grants, and On-call administrator.