The Middle Township Police Department recognizes that quality of life issues can have a direct impact on crime as well as the ability of residents to feel safe within their neighborhoods.  In an effort to improve the quality of life for the residents of Middle Township, the Police Department maintains control of the Code Enforcement function of Middle Township.   The Code Enforcement Unit is a civilian staffed unit tasked with investigating and enforcing the local ordinances of Middle Township.

The Code Enforcement Officers issue violation notices to residents who are not in compliance with the Middle Township Code.  If a property is not brought into compliance, a complaint summons may be issued to ensure compliance.   


Middle Township enacted a Vacant Property Registration Ordinance which became effective in 2017. 

The Purpose of the ordinance is to:

  • Identify properties in the foreclosure process (vacant or occupied)
  • Require mortgage lenders to register properties that are in the foreclosure process and provide emergency contact information
  • Provide emergency contact information concerning these properties and input that information into the Police Department Records Management System
  • Identify deteriorated or neglected properties detracting from neighborhood values and report them to Code Enforcement for follow-up action
  • Conduct regular follow-up and monthly inspections of the registered properties to ensure compliance
  • Conduct monthly inspections of the entire township visually looking for other properties that are abandoned or neglected and report them to township authorities

These duties are assigned to a contractually approved third party company that specializes in this type of activity.  The current company who is handling this for the Township is Preferred Neighborhood Solutions, based out of North Wildwood, NJ.

MIDDLE TWP Registration Form

MIDDLE TWP DE-Registration Form