The Middle Township Police Department maintains a formal Police Honor Guard.  The purpose of the Honor Guard is to formally represent the Middle Township Police Department at various official functions and community events.  The Honor Guard members wear a formal uniform blouse and utilize ceremonial rifles and flags.  The Honor Guard presents the colors at events such as Police Academy graduations, LEAD Graduations, Township Parades, and fallen officer funerals. The Honor Guard has also had the privilege of presenting the colors at the New Jersey Special Olympics opening ceremonies in Trenton for almost two decades.

Members of the Honor Guard include:

Sergeant Tracey Super (Unit Leader)
Corporal John Norton
Corporal Ron Miller
Det/1st Class Dan Martin
Detective Kurt Saettler
Patrolman Mike Pastor
Patrolman Jonas McInnis
Patrolman Brian Vergantino
Patrolman Greg DeCecco