Firearms Instructions for Middle Township residents

New Procedure for ALL Firearms Applications

Please read entirely before beginning

Follow the link to:

Click the “S.T.S 033” form button.

Enter our department ORI Number: NJ0050600 (MIDDLE TWSP PD)

From this point you will follow the on-line prompts and fill out all the appropriate information. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you are filling out the application correctly. Incorrect or missing information will slow down the completion process of your application. If you have any questions along the way, please call our Records Office at 609-465-8712 and we will assist you as much as possible.

If you have NEVER been fingerprinted for firearms purposes and you have NEVER been issued a NJ Firearms ID Card, you will check off the box for “initial” applicant. If you are 21 years of age or older and would like to apply for permit(s) to purchase a handgun, you may do so on the same application. You need to check off that box and enter the number of permits you wish to apply for. You will need to go for fingerprinting with the Universal Fingerprint Form that is given after completion of the application. There is a required fee for this and is paid directly to that vendor.

If you have already been fingerprinted and are applying for a replacement/updated FID card or you are just applying for Permit(s) to Purchase, check the appropriate box and fill in the number of permits requested. This will require you to submit an on-line criminal history background check (form 212A).

After the application is complete, upon pick-up of documents, please make payment at the Middle Township Police Records Office during business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 4:00pm with the exception of holidays. Payment can be made in the form of cash, check, or money order. We do not accept debit or credit cards as a form of payment.

The fees due are as follows:

  • Initial FID Card $5.00
  • Handgun Permit to Purchase $2.00/per permit
  • ** There is no fee for a replacement/updated FID card **

Before you begin please make sure you have complete names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mails for your two references. They will be e-mailed a link to complete which can be done on your computer or smartphone.

All of your information entered on the application needs to match what is listed on your Driver’s License. You can NOT use a PO Box, it must be your physical address. Female applicants must list your maiden name, if you do not have one mark “N/A.”