Members of the Middle Township Crash Investigation Team have specialized training to investigate serious motor vehicle crashes.  The members receive specialized training provided by North Western University and the Institute of Police Technology and Management.  The courses are: Basic Crash Investigation (Crash I), Advanced Crash Investigation (Crash II), Pedestrian/Bicycle Crash Investigation, Motorcycle Crash Investigation, Heavy Vehicle Crash, Occupant Kinematics, Vehicle Dynamics and Traffic Crash Reconstruction.

These training courses allow the unit to complete the following:

  • Scaled computer diagramming
  • Mathematical analysis
  • Damage evaluations
  • Seatbelt, headlamp and tire examination
  • Scene measurements
  • Documentation of road type and tire friction
  • High and low speed collision
  • Bicycle collisions
  • Semi-truck/commercial vehicle accidents
  • Motorcycle collisions

The Middle Township Crash Team employs the following equipment to assist with crash investigations: Laser Impulse, Recon Data Recorder, Map Star System Angle Encoder, Prism and Pole, Drag Boot, Crash Zone software for scale diagrams, Measuring Tapes, Marking Paint, Chalk, and other miscellaneous equipment.

The Crash Team meets periodically during the year for training updates and familiarization with the equipment.

Members include:

Lt. James Loftus (Commander)

Cpl. James D’Alonzo (Unit Leader)

Ptl. Martin Lindholm

Ptl. Armondo Jones

Ptl. Matt Martino

Detective Dan Martin

Ptl. Justin Vitola

Ptl. Tom Flounders

Ptl. Mark Bakley

Ptl. Greg Dececco