The Special Services Unit is led by Sgt. Mark Higginbottom, and is under the command of Patrol Lieutenant James Loftus. The Unit has several different tasks to include school resource officers, training of the entire police department, court security, community outreach, all community events, maintain the police fleet, maintain and monitor the Juvenile Station House Adjustment Program along with various other responsibilities.

During 2020 the Special Services Unit completed (9) briefing training sessions, (7) community events, all other events were cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.  The training officer for the Department is Cpl. James D’Alonzo.  He is charged with making sure officers of the Department are up to date with our training.  This includes semi-annual firearms qualifications and policy reviews with officers on the subject of use of force, vehicular pursuits and domestic violence.  Cpl. D’Alonzo also reviews safe tactics for officers to use during the many different situations officers may face during the performance of their job.

The Special Services Unit leads many of the community relations initiatives such as our Neighborhood Watch Program, Informational Booths at Community Events, and the “Cops and Coffee Program”.  Our current Neighborhood Watch Programs are Friends of Davis and Teal (Rio Grande), Friends of 13 Curves (CMCH/Green Creek), Stone Harbor Manor Homeowners, Shannon Oaks Neighborhood Watch (Rio Grande), Gatherings at Cape May (Rio Grande).  The SSU held only 2 Cops and Coffee details due to Covid-19 restrictions.  The events where held at local coffee shops and business throughout the township to discuss with citizens any concerns they may have related to illegal activity in the Township.

Current Members of the Special Services Unit are:

Sergeant Mark Higginbottom

Corporal Phil Johnson

Corporal Gino Castellano

Corporal James D’Alonzo

PFC Julio Ruiz

PFC Martin Lindholm