The School Resource Officer (SRO) Program is a collaborative effort with both the Middle Township School District and with the Cape May County Technical High School.  The School Resource Officer Program is incorporated within the Special Services Unit.  (Note:  Middle Township has an inter-local agreement with the Technical High School for the services of the School Resource Officer)

The School Resource Officer Program has two main components: first is designed to enhance the relationship among the members of the school district, its students, teachers/administrators and the police department.  The daily communication between police and school officials prevents many problems and mitigates existing problems for both the school and the police; second is a component to provide a law enforcement presence in all district schools.  This is accomplished through the use of patrol officers who, as part of their duties, conduct walk through visits to the facilities.  The second component is to provide training and informal counseling to students, staff and parents.  In 2016 the Middle Township Police Department hosted 3 school presentations on “What to expect during a Law Enforcement Encounter”, at both the Middle Township High School and the Middle Township Middle School.  These presentations covers grades 6th-12th for the school districted.

School security/action plans have been completed for all schools in Middle Township, including the Cape Christian Academy and the State Department of Human Services School.  All plans are reviewed annually and updated if necessary by the School Resource Officers.